The Girl Next Door Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jack Ketchum
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Chapter One through Chapter Three

• The narrator, David, discusses pain.

• David is 41 with two failed marriages and no children at the time he writes the book.

• David admits he's never been right since the summer of 1958.
• David meets Meg at the Rock.

• David notices a large scar on Meg's arm.

• David becomes obsessed with Meg.
• The Chandler's house is introduced.

• Ruth Chandler is introduced as a permissive parent.

• David goes to the Chandler's house to visit his best friend, Donny.
• David notices the Chandler house is neat and tidy.

• Susan is introduced as Meg's sister who is disabled due to a car accident that kills her and Meg's parents.

Chapter Four through Chapter Seven

• The carnival is in town; David and the other kids in the neighborhood attend.

• Denise mentions The Game to David.

• David thinks back to The Game where Denise is stripped naked.
• David's mother and...

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