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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the landladies of the new house trust Dangerfield and Marion?

2. What does Chris bring with her when she returns home from work?

3. Why did Dangerfield once touch the decapitated head of Blessed Oliver Plunkett?

4. Why does O'Keefe envy Dangerfield's marriage?

5. Who is Egbert Skully?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where has Marion moved and why does Dangerfield seem to like it?

2. What does O'Keefe realize about Dangerfield when he loans Dangerfield money?

3. How does the relationship between Dangerfield and Lilly end?

4. How does Dangerfield try to appease Marion when she realizes Dangerfield might be having an affair?

5. Why does Dangerfield turn to Chris when he has wrecked the bar in a drunken state?

6. What is the premise of THE GINGER MAN?

7. How does Dangerfield's move from Dublin to London show the difference between poverty and wealth?

8. Has Dangerfield's life improved from moving from the rickety house to the house in the city?

9. Who is Perry Clocklan and where does Dangerfield encounter him?

10. Why does Dangerfield not mind when Chris tries to talk about their relationship?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the ongoing conflict between Dangerfield and Marion. What are the main sources of the conflicts? Why does it perpetuate? What does Dangerfield learn about the reality of his life with Marion as opposed to the illusions he has held for so long?

Essay Topic 2

The frustration of unfulfilled affection touches several characters in the story. Name at least two characters who experience unfulfilled love and the situations that occur as a result.

Essay Topic 3

Project into the future ten years after the end of the novel and write a brief synopsis for Dangerfield's life. Will Mary still be such a powerful presence in his life? How about O'Keefe and Clocklan? Explain.

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