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Character Descriptions

Hafiz - This person is a poet in fourteenth-century Persia in the Sufi tradition that encompassed Gnosticism, the wisdom schools of Pythagoras and Plato as well as many of the principles and formulations of Islam.

God - Rather than being contained by strict theological definitions, this person presented in Hafiz's poetry is bigger and more creative in His benevolence than can be contained by any definition.

Ralph Waldo Emerson - This person read Hafiz in German in the 1800s, and did several of his own translations into English.

Goethe - This person wrote the 1819's The West-Eastern Divan, including The Book of Hafiz in which he praises Hafiz's poetry and spiritual insight and calls himself Hafiz's twin.

Queen Victoria - This person consulted Hafiz's poetry like an astrological guide.

H. Wilberforce Clarke - This person wrote the most respected English translation of Hafiz's poetry, first published in...

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