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Short Answer Questions

1. How much longer does Billy think the war will continue?

2. Who is the second most powerful chief in Eddystone?

3. How old is the boy Njiru brings back to the village?

4. What does Harrington attempt and fail at while at war?

5. What does Billy do with his watch in Part 3, Chapter 18?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is headhunting?

2. What smell brings Billy joy and why?

3. Based on Billy's diary, describe a typical day in France for Billy.

4. After Ngea's seance, what is left on Dr. Rivers's pillow? What does it signify?

5. By Part 3, Chapter 16, why is Dr. Rivers one of the few doctors that remain practicing?

6. What are many of Dr. Rivers's patients seeing in Part 3, Chapter 16?

7. What is Billy struggling with emotionally at the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 17?

8. Describe what happens in Dr. Rivers dream in Part 2, Chapter 12, when the conch shell is blown.

9. Describe Dr. Rivers's dream about his sister Catherine in Part 2, Chapter 12.

10. What is ironic about Billy's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Confusion about the future is a theme that many readers can relate to. Analyze the use of this theme throughout the story.

1) Does the war cause confusion about the future? For who? In what way?

2) The character Billy might have been confused about his future even if there was not a war. Why?

3) How does Billy's confusion about the future lead to his downfall?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the use of irony in The Ghost Road, citing additional examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the civilization at Eddystone and its customs to the modern-day customs practiced by those in The Ghost Road.

1) What do the two civilizations have in common? What are their differences?

2) What could the civilizations learn from each other?

3) Does Dr. Rivers use the insight he gained from his time in Eddystone? If so, how?

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