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Lesson 1 (from Part 1 Chapter 1)


Motivation is the root of what drives a character to act. In The Ghost Road, Billy Prior wants to return to war. This lesson will discuss motivation and how it shapes the choices made by a character.


1) Class discussion: What is motivation? How does it drive a story? What is Billy's motivation at the beginning of the novel? What is the reason that Billy wants to return to France and fight?

2) Group activity: Divide the class into four groups. Have each group answer the following questions:

- The text lists several choices Billy does not want to make. What are these?

- What does Billy want to do?

- If Billy had chosen one of the early options, how would it affect the story?

- How is this an example of motivation?

3) Group activity: On the board, write down the different ways Billy tries to...

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