The Ghost Road Fun Activities

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Show and Tell

Select an object of significance from The Ghost Road. Bring its likeness to class and be prepared to present on why you chose this object to share.

Design a Book Jacket.

Using any medium, create a new design for the book jacket of The Ghost Road.

Letter Back Home

Write a letter to Billy's mother from Billy's point of view, telling her his hopes to return home from war.

Love Letter to a Soldier

Write a love letter from Sarah to Billy, with the news from back home. Include references to Sarah's family, her home, etc.

War Anthem

Choose a popular song you feel best describes Billy's struggle in The Ghost Road. Be prepared to play a snippet in front of the class and explain why you chose the song.

Spa Craiglockhart

Create a brochure describing Craiglockhart as a facility for veterans to relax and...

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