The Ghost Road Character Descriptions

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William Billy Prior

This soldier becomes Chief Gas Officer.

Dr. William Rivers

This psychiatrist harbors an obsession for the lifestyle of a remote village.

Charles Manning

This Londoner knows how to give a good send-off.

Dr. Mather

This doctor determines one's ability to fight in France.


This officer serves on a military board.

Sister Roberts

This nurse serves in spite of the flu.

Ian Moffett

This patient has hysterical paralysis.

Catharine Rivers

This character is ailing and receives care from a sister.

Ethel Rivers

This caretaker provides care for a sister.

Charles Dodgson

This Rivers family friend has a stutter.

Geoffrey Wansbeck

This patient constantly smells rotting flesh.

Ada Lumb

This character attends seances on Saturday and church on Sunday.

Sarah Lumb

This character is engaged to an adulterer.

Cynthia Lumb

This character is shown a pair of underwear after a tryst.

Lizzie McDowell

This character raises...

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