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Part 1 Chapter 1

• Billy Prior awaits a medical exam in hope of returning to war.

• It is revealed that Billy is a fastidious character, not content with the direction of his life.

• During Billy's wait for a medical examination he encounters a fellow patient from his past at the mental facility.

• Billy argues with Dr. Mather about his ability to return to war.

• Billy appears in front of the medical board and pretends his asthma is not a problem.

Part 1 Chapter 2

• Dr. Rivers is introduced, caring for Ian Moffet's hysterical paralysis.

• It is revealed through Dr. Rivers's flashback that he had a privileged, but unhappy, childhood.

• Dr. Rivers prepares not to like the next soldier he will treat, Geoffrey Wansbeck.

• Wansbeck wins Dr. Rivers over with his kind personality.

• Dr. Rivers helps Wansbeck with the symptoms caused by guilt for killing a soldier.

Part 1 Chapter 3

• Billy receives word that...

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