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Steven Johnson
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Short Answer Questions

1. When did Whitehead believe that paitent zero would have fallen ill?

2. In The Ghost Map during the cholera outbreak in 1866, how many people had died by the end of August?

3. In "Sedgwick's Principles of Sanitary Science and Public Health", how many pages are devoted to the Broad Street outbreak?

4. In All Smell Is Disease, what was the lifespan of some of the men who worked in the sewers?

5. In 1846 what did Edwin Chadwick tell a parliamentary committee that the problem of London sewage was?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Chadwick's career become the origin of the concept of "big government"? (113)

2. In Building the Case, what was the law of diffusion of gases?

3. Why was it odd that the sewer-hunters had long lifespans and were rarely sick?

4. Why was the removal of the pump handle on September 8 significant?

5. What was the Great Stink and how did it affect epidemic disease at the time?

6. How did Henry Mayhew see waste recycling as a way of increasing population growth?

7. In Building the Case, what about the way that cholera affected the human body led Snow to believe that cholera was ingested and not inhaled?

8. In Building the Case, what did Snow discover that seemed to point to a reason why residents at 50 Poland Street and workers at the Lion Brewery did not contract cholera?

9. When and why would a tailor send one of his boys to get well water at the Broad Street pump in Building the Case?

10. How did Whitehead and Snow begin working together in The Pump Handle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When humans began to drink tea, lifespans increased. How did drinking tea keep people healthier, and what was the connection between drinking tea and longer lifespans?

Essay Topic 2

Diseases were a brake on human growth. How did cholera and other epidemics decimate populations, and how were they a brake on human growth?

Essay Topic 3

Johnson referred to London’s underclass of scavengers as the canary in a mine. Why did Johnson compare the scavengers to a canary in a mine, and how did scavengers in that role disprove the idea that exposure to odors caused cholera outbreaks?

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