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Steven Johnson
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Short Answer Questions

1. In "Sedgwick's Principles of Sanitary Science and Public Health", how many pages are devoted to the Broad Street outbreak?

2. In The Ghost Map, how many miles of sewers were constructed by Bazalgette and his team?

3. In The Ghost Map, when was the new sewer system mostly operational?

4. When Whitehead research the records, how long did he discover that the Lewis baby was sick before she died?

5. In The Ghost Map, in what publication did an unsigned editorial appear that lambasted Snow's waterborne theory of cholera?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Building the Case, what about the way that cholera affected the human body led Snow to believe that cholera was ingested and not inhaled?

2. How did Whitehead and Snow begin working together in The Pump Handle?

3. How did Hall's instructions to the three-man committee investigating the cholera outbreak in The Pump Handle, tilt the results?

4. In Building the Case, what did Snow learn about water at the Eley Brothers factory and the death of their mother?

5. How did Chadwick's career become the origin of the concept of "big government"? (113)

6. In Building the Case, what was the law of diffusion of gases?

7. Through the new sewer system, how much waste was deposited into the Thames and what was the result?

8. In The Pump Handle, why did Whitehead have a crucial edge in the cholera investigation?

9. In Building the Case, why did residents in well-to-do neighborhoods believe that the outbreak of cholera took place among the poor?

10. Why was the removal of the pump handle on September 8 significant?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were many theories to explain how cholera was spread. What were the two main theories, and why was the miasma theory accepted by most authorities in spite of evidence to the contrary?

Essay Topic 2

After an extensive sewer system was installed, London no longer had cholera outbreaks. How did technology stop cholera outbreaks, and what role might technology play in solving future urban problems?

Essay Topic 3

Snow created a map to help show how the cholera spread. How was the map useful in persuading Whitehead and others regarding the waterborne theory of cholera, and how was the map instrumental in stopping the outbreak?

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