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Steven Johnson
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Short Answer Questions

1. On September 4, what did Whitehead hear residents blaming as the cause of the cholera outbreak?

2. How long did Queen Victoria inhale chloroform when she had her eighth child?

3. When did doctors begin recommending chloroform for the discomfort of childbirth?

4. How many men were on a team of night-soil workers?

5. In Eyes Sunk, Lips Dark Blue, how many animals would a slaughterhouse at the edge of Soho on Marshall Street kill per day on average?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was the introduction of ether as an anesthetic import in The Investigator?

2. What were mortality rates in 1842?

3. Who was Henry Whitehead?

4. By Sunday morning, September 3, what was going on at the beginning of The Investigator?

5. In That Is to Say, Jo Has Not Yet Died, what did Sir Richard Phillips predict in 1813 about London?

6. On September 4, what groups of people were spared from the cholera outbreak?

7. In The Night-Soil Men, what type of specialists emerged to take care of waste removal?

8. How was the cholera outbreak that hit New York City reported in 1832, and how did the reports of the outbreak affect the city?

9. What was thought about cholera and the British way of life prior to 1831?

10. Why was the cholera outbreak in Golden Square unusual?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After reading Snow’s monograph, Whitehead realized that there had to be an index case for the cholera outbreak. What was the index case, and why was finding the first case of cholera important in solving the cause of the outbreak?

Essay Topic 2

When humans began to drink tea, lifespans increased. How did drinking tea keep people healthier, and what was the connection between drinking tea and longer lifespans?

Essay Topic 3

Johnson referred to London’s underclass of scavengers as the canary in a mine. Why did Johnson compare the scavengers to a canary in a mine, and how did scavengers in that role disprove the idea that exposure to odors caused cholera outbreaks?

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