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Steven Johnson
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Eyes Sunk, Lips Dark Blue, what had been the temperature for several straight days?

2. Who designed Regent Street to connect Marylebone Park wit the Prince Regent's new home at Carlton House?

3. In Eyes Sunk, Lips Dark Blue, how far did the Broad Street Pump extend below the surface of the street?

4. In Eyes Sunk, Lips Dark Blue, when was the first time that cholera was known to exist on British soil?

5. In The Night-Soil Men, how far would a bone-picker travel?

Short Essay Questions

1. In The Night-Soil Men, what type of neighborhood did Soho become in the years after the 1665 plague?

2. Why was the introduction of ether as an anesthetic import in The Investigator?

3. By Sunday morning, September 3, what was going on at the beginning of The Investigator?

4. What is the cure for cholera?

5. Why was the cholera outbreak in Golden Square unusual?

6. How was the cholera outbreak that hit New York City reported in 1832, and how did the reports of the outbreak affect the city?

7. Who was Henry Whitehead?

8. In The Night-Soil Men, why did the invention of water closets have a bad effect on London's sewage problem?

9. Who was John Snow?

10. In The Night-Soil Men, how were the poor buried at the pauper burial ground at St. Bride's?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the Board of Health was investigating the cholera outbreak, a document was written to instruct investigators. What were the conditions that the document stated would be investigated, and how did the way that the investigation was set up not allow for any theory to be correct other than the miasma theory?

Essay Topic 2

When humans began to drink tea, lifespans increased. How did drinking tea keep people healthier, and what was the connection between drinking tea and longer lifespans?

Essay Topic 3

In The Ghost Map, the author compared the growth of London to a cancer. Why was the growth of London similar to the growth of cancer, and how did the growth have the same devastating effects that a cancer had?

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