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Steven Johnson
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Charles Dickens

The author often references Charles Dickens who lived and wrote during the 1800s and wrote about the living conditions of the poor, like those described in The Ghost Map. Read one of Dickens' books like "Little Dorrit" or "Hard Times."

Index Case

Discuss with a group whether you would have told Mrs. Lewis that the cholera outbreak started with her child?


List the different jobs that involved scavenging and write a brief description of each job.

Scavengers and Homeless

Discuss with a group the similarities and differences between the scavengers in the 1800s and the homeless of today.


Research recycling as it was practiced throughout time, and write a few paragraphs about what you learned.

Wonders and Squalor

Draw a picture contrasting the wonders of London (the Crystal Palace, Trafalgar Square, and Westminster Palace) with the squalor of areas where the poor were crowded...

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