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Steven Johnson
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Essay Topic 1

Victorian medicine was still a developing field in 1854. What relationship was there between medicine and the scientific method in 1854? How did that affect the care of patients and treatment of diseases?

Essay Topic 2

Johnson uses imagery to help readers imagine what London and the cholera outbreak were like. How does Johnson’s use of imagery help readers understand the times and problems that people faced?

Essay Topic 3

In The Ghost Map, John Snow became an investigator of the causes of cholera. How did Snow’s background, education, interests, and work make him an investigator?

Essay Topic 4

There were many theories to explain how cholera was spread. What were the two main theories, and why was the miasma theory accepted by most authorities in spite of evidence to the contrary?

Essay Topic 5

London was one of the largest cities in the world in the 1800s. What problems...

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