The Ghost Map Character Descriptions

Steven Johnson
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John Snow

This person was born to a family of laborers; he became interested in the study of medicine, became a renowned anesthesiologist, and helped solve the mystery of a cholera outbreak in 1854.

Henry Whitehead

This person attended Oxford and was a curate at St. Luke’s church, where he enjoyed socializing with friends and parishioners. He teamed with a doctor to help solve a cholera outbreak using his social network.

The London Underclass

These were people who lived and worked in the sewers recycling items they found there.

Charles Dickens

This person was an author who came from a poor family and wrote about the pain of being poor in his books.

Queen Victoria

This person was a ruler of England, and she was one of the first people to have an anesthesiologist attend her during childbirth.

Karl Marx

This person lived in Victorian England when he was...

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