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Mackenzi Lee
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 19, what does Henry tell Mateu Robles about Venice that surprises him?
(a) The island his wife is entombed upon is sinking.
(b) There is a terrible flu pandemic taking over.
(c) The Carnavale celebration is canceled this year.
(d) There is a plague of rats in the city so it has been sealed off from the outside.

2. In Chapter 21, why does the boatswain change his mind about letting Percy, Felicity and Henry on the boat?
(a) He sees Percy and says free Negroes are not allowed on the boat.
(b) He sees Felicity and says women are not allowed on the boat.
(c) He sees Henry and says homosexuals are not allowed on the boat.
(d) He does not want to let upper-class people on the boat.

3. In Chapter 19, what does Percy tell Henry before Henry goes to enact his plan to get arrested?
(a) I can contact Lockwood if you need him.
(b) I love you.
(c) Call your father if you need bail money.
(d) Be careful.

4. Who is Helena Robles's brother?
(a) Virgil.
(b) Pascal.
(c) Percy.
(d) Dante.

5. In Chapter 15, what does Henry say he wishes for Felicity?
(a) He could find a way for her and Dante to be together.
(b) He could be a better example for her, or at least someone she is not embarrassed of.
(c) He could make sure she marries well.
(d) He could find a way to get her into medical school.

6. In Chapter 14, what language do most of the people Henry comes across in Barcelona speak?
(a) French mixed with Catalan.
(b) English mixed with French.
(c) Spanish mixed with Basque.
(d) English mixed with Spanish.

7. In Chapter 15, what does Felicity suggest might make her and Henry's father go easier on Henry?
(a) If Henry would study medicine.
(b) If Henry would go to law school.
(c) If Henry would apologize to the Duke of Bourbon.
(d) If Henry would stop being attracted to boys.

8. In Chapter 13, Henry says Percy might be the only person on earth who thinks what of him?
(a) That he is decent.
(b) That he is really a nobleman.
(c) That he is really a lord.
(d) That he is sober.

9. In Chapter 15, what does Henry find to drink at the Robles's house before going to bed?
(a) Whisky.
(b) Vodka.
(c) Gin.
(d) Cognac.

10. In Chapter 19, what is Henry's plan to get himself into the jail?
(a) He is going to steal from a street vendor and get caught.
(b) He is going to pretend to be publicly drunk.
(c) He is going to engage in sodomy.
(d) He is going to hit someone in the street.

11. In Chapter 19, what does Mateu Robles tell Henry he used to do with Helena at night as a child to comfort her?
(a) Read to hear.
(b) Sing to her.
(c) Tie a string from his finger to hers so she would know he was there.
(d) Cover her with an extra blanket.

12. In Chapter 24, what does Felicity do to tend to her own injuries?
(a) Make a sanitizing solution out of vinegar and baking soda for her wound.
(b) Sterilize her wound with heat.
(c) Sew her wound shut herself.
(d) Remove the slivers out of her wound with makeshift tweezers.

13. What does Helena Robles tell Henry, Percy, and Felicity has happened to her father, Mateu?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He is in jail.
(c) He is in an asylum.
(d) He is in a coma in the hospital.

14. In Chapter 21, what happens when Henry and Percy are about to kiss?
(a) The boatswain finds them.
(b) Felicity interrupts them.
(c) Percy has a seizure.
(d) A cannon goes off.

15. In Chapter 18, what does Henry overhear Helena telling Dante they need to do with Percy, Henry, and Felicity?
(a) Convince them to hand over the Lazarus key.
(b) Drug them.
(c) Keep them all staying there a while longer.
(d) Play their father's music.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Percy tell Henry he would have trouble getting a job?

2. In Chapter 19, what does Henry steal?

3. In Chapter 18, why does Mateu Robles refuse to tell Helena and Dante the cipher for the Baseggio box?

4. In Chapter 20, what is the cipher Mateu Robles told Henry?

5. In Chapter 19, how can Henry tell when he finds Mateu Robles in jail?

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