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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Howard want Lowell to be assigned?
(a) To his Air Assault Division.
(b) To the Chiefs of Staff.
(c) To a civilian job.
(d) To foreign affairs.

2. What type of operation will Operation Monte Christo be?
(a) Air Force operation.
(b) Communications operation.
(c) Intelligence operation.
(d) Special Forces operation.

3. In Chapter 10, who does Felter need to sign his documents?
(a) A judge.
(b) A documents officer.
(c) A colonel.
(d) A notary public.

4. In Chapter 13, why does Lowell tell his bosses where Dorothy is?
(a) To avoid being arrested.
(b) To get her in trouble.
(c) To help her.
(d) To save the operation.

5. When Lowell returns to base in Chapter 13, who is waiting for him?
(a) Toni.
(b) Bellmon.
(c) Craig.
(d) Felter.

6. What do the Green Berets worry about doing to Peter-Paul?
(a) Losing his tapes.
(b) Helping him stay quiet.
(c) Killing him.
(d) Making him run away.

7. Why does Lowell put Craig under arrest?
(a) For trying to run away from his duties.
(b) For stealing a helicopter.
(c) For trying to sell drugs.
(d) For knowing too much.

8. In Chapter 11, what is strange about the C5A's the fly overhead?
(a) They look like they are in trouble.
(b) They are silent.
(c) They are painted red.
(d) They are rare.

9. In Chapter 10, who must Felter give the classified documents to?
(a) A colonel.
(b) MacMillan.
(c) Bellmon.
(d) A CDO.

10. Who does Lowell tell Craig to report to when he is under arrest?
(a) The Grande Court.
(b) Felter.
(c) The FBI.
(d) Lemper.

11. What date is the focus of the meeting in Chapter 8?
(a) July 1.
(b) July 4.
(c) July 3.
(d) July 2.

12. Who questions Dorothy concerning what she knows about the operation in Chapter 13?
(a) Hanrahan.
(b) An intelligence officer.
(c) Felter.
(d) An FBI agent.

13. What is the name of the street Felter lives on?
(a) Rober.
(b) Kildar.
(c) Sonar.
(d) Tildner.

14. Why is Howard able to appoint Lowell in Chapter 8?
(a) Because Lowell gave him the authority.
(b) Howard is unable to appoint Lowell.
(c) Because the decision was left up to Howard.
(d) Because the program is no longer being tested.

15. Why do Lowell and Dorothy stay in the lounge at their hotel in Chapter 13?
(a) They are waiting for someone.
(b) They are angry with each other.
(c) They don't want to be seen.
(d) It is raining.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the meeting in Chapter 10, what is decided about telling people about Operation Monte Christo?

2. During the meeting in Chapter 8, what do the people reference when they talk about staffing problems?

3. What does Craig tell Lowell he noticed missing from bases in Chapter 12?

4. How does Lowell hurt his knee in Chapter 11?

5. What staffing issue is the biggest concern during the meeting in Chapter 8?

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