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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long is it revealed that Peter-Paul was at McCall before being found?
(a) Five days.
(b) Six days.
(c) Three days.
(d) Four days.

2. What surprises Dorothy when she picks Sharon up at the airport?
(a) She has already been picked up.
(b) She is crying.
(c) She has a man with her.
(d) She has her daughter with her.

3. Why will the troops involved in Operation Monte Christo be sequestered?
(a) It's cheaper then sending them home.
(b) So they won't forget what they learned.
(c) So they can't talk to anyone.
(d) So they'll know what it's like to be captured.

4. In Chapter 12, why does Dorothy begin to ask questions?
(a) She wants in on the operation.
(b) She is afraid of getting turned in.
(c) She fears Lowell is doing something dangerous.
(d) She thinks they may be rescuing her husband.

5. Who leads the John F. Kennedy Center for Special Warfare?
(a) Lowell.
(b) Hanrahan.
(c) Jiggs.
(d) Bellmon.

6. Which community does Felter work as a liaison for?
(a) The press community.
(b) The defense community.
(c) The communications community.
(d) The intelligence community.

7. What role in Operation Monte Christo is Felter given?
(a) Leader.
(b) Action officer.
(c) Colonel.
(d) Assitant officer.

8. What date is the focus of the meeting in Chapter 8?
(a) July 3.
(b) July 1.
(c) July 2.
(d) July 4.

9. In the beginning of Chapter 12, how long has the group been in the conference room?
(a) Hours.
(b) Overnight.
(c) Just a few minutes.
(d) They aren't there yet.

10. Why does Craig fly the helicopter in Chapter 12?
(a) He is showing travelers the city.
(b) He is testing a new type of helicopter.
(c) He is training.
(d) He's looking for information.

11. What does Lowell do at Camp McCall in Chapter 11?
(a) Teach a class.
(b) Train.
(c) Re-organize the staff.
(d) Supervise.

12. In Chapter 8, what nickname is the meeting given?
(a) The meeting of the brains.
(b) The golden meeting.
(c) The meeting of the brass.
(d) The final meeting.

13. What does Dorothy Simms say happened to her husband in Vietnam?
(a) He was killed.
(b) He was badly injured.
(c) He went to the other side.
(d) He was taken prisoner.

14. During the meeting in Chapter 8, what do the people reference when they talk about staffing problems?
(a) Rumors.
(b) Charts.
(c) Memos.
(d) Photographs.

15. In Chapter 11, what does Dorothy help Lowell pick out?
(a) A painting.
(b) A grill.
(c) An apartment.
(d) A jacket.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Green Berets get Peter-Paul to tell them the location of the tapes?

2. In Chapter 13, why does Lowell tell his bosses where Dorothy is?

3. Why is Howard able to appoint Lowell in Chapter 8?

4. Why is it surprising that Dorothy Simms accepts the plane ride with Lowell in Chapter 9?

5. Why does Bellmon threaten to bring charges against Lowell?

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