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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what is Hanrahan wearing?
(a) Street clothing.
(b) A helmet.
(c) An aviation jacket.
(d) Regulation uniform.

2. In Chapter 2, what does Denn say surprises him about the military?
(a) How much politics is involved.
(b) How lazy they are when they are off-duty.
(c) How well trained they are.
(d) How much help they need with their investments.

3. Who tells Crowley he has been assigned to McCall?
(a) Lowell.
(b) Lemper.
(c) Hanrahan.
(d) Spencer.

4. In Chapter 6, what did the Vietnamese do to the Mohawk?
(a) Burned it.
(b) Stole it.
(c) Bugged it.
(d) Drilled holes in it.

5. In Chapter 4, whose problem does Harke say transport is?
(a) Minor.
(b) Lemper.
(c) Lowell.
(d) His own.

6. Where does Lowell attend school to become an officer?
(a) Oxford.
(b) Greenwich.
(c) Swenson.
(d) Norwich.

7. In Chapter 1, what do the three Hueys do when they land at camp?
(a) Leave supplies.
(b) Take prisoners.
(c) Take out the injured people.
(d) Take the valuables.

8. What does Hanrahan say he was doing when Lowell made the decision to land the plane?
(a) Giving Lowell directions.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Reading.
(d) Eating.

9. Where are many of Ursula's friend's from?
(a) East Germany.
(b) Finland.
(c) Poland.
(d) Russia.

10. In Chapter 3, what is Lowell told to do to make up for landing the plane?
(a) Write a letter of apology.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Pay a fine.
(d) Take a leave of absense.

11. After the missile crisis ends, when do the chiefs meet in Virginia?
(a) One month later.
(b) Two months later.
(c) Two weeks later.
(d) One week later.

12. In Chapter 4, why does Lowell learn he can't put tanks on rail cars?
(a) Because of politics.
(b) Because of the cost.
(c) Because of the weight.
(d) Because of the laws.

13. In Chapter 5, what does Boone say about Howard's treatment of Harke?
(a) It was complicated.
(b) It was funny.
(c) It was necessary.
(d) It was harsh.

14. In Chapter 1, what does the Navy plane do to the camp?
(a) Tries to rescue survivors.
(b) Drops supplies.
(c) Napalms it.
(d) Crashes into the camp.

15. In Chapter 3, what does Lemper point out as a problem area?
(a) Honesty in the office.
(b) Rail transport.
(c) File maintenance.
(d) Personnel turnover.

Short Answer Questions

1. When returning home in Chapter 7, what city is Craig's first stop in the United States?

2. In Chapter 6, what do the Marines find of Parker's?

3. What happens to Parker's co-pilot after ejecting from the plane in Chapter 6?

4. What skill is Smitherman's group best known for?

5. How does Craig feel about military life in relation to his marriage?

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