The Generals: Brotherhood of War 06 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Chapter 1

• An American base in Vietnam is attacked.

• Craig wants out of the service, but instead he rises in rank.

Chapter 2

• John Denn takes investment bankers and military personnel hunting.

• The Cuban missile crisis breaks.

• Lowell has to return to a base in Florida.

• When told he can't land on the base, Lowell declares an emergency and lands his plane there anyway.

Chapter 3

• Lowell meets Lemper.

• Lowell is forgiven for landing the plane as an emergency.

• Crowley is moved to McCall.

Chapter 4

• Lowell is told he can't transport tanks on rail cars, but does so anyway.

• Lemper agrees with Lowell's decision.

• Harke is relieved from his duties for ignoring problems and blaming them on others.

Chapter 5

• The missile crisis ends.

• Boone speaks out about Howard's treatment of Harke.

• Lowell is assigned to train to become an officer, but Howard blocks it.

Chapter 6

• Parker must eject from his plane...

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