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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the first conference of World Jewry take place?
(a) February 23, 1973.
(b) February 23, 1971.
(c) February 23, 1972.
(d) February 23, 1974.

2. Where did Sanya first emigrate to?
(a) England.
(b) U.S.A.
(c) France.
(d) Israel.

3. Why didn't Masha want to become a surgeon?
(a) She didn't want to work with male doctors.
(b) She would have to join the Communist party.
(c) She couldn't work in a non-Jewish hospital.
(d) She couldn't spare the time because of her child.

4. Why was Masha arrested in 1951?
(a) Under the charge that she was a spy.
(b) Under the charge that she didn't have a Communist party card.
(c) Under the charge that she was using drugs.
(d) Under the charge that she possessed a concealed weapon.

5. Where was Volodya sent to for his exile?
(a) Ukraine.
(b) Poland.
(c) Siberia.
(d) East Germany.

6. What Jewish holiday coincided with Stalin's death?
(a) Purim.
(b) Pesach.
(c) Shabbat.
(d) Yom Kippur.

7. Who went to Leonid's school to try to put pressure on Volodya and his wife?
(a) The NKVD.
(b) The KGB.
(c) The military police.
(d) The local police.

8. How long did Masha spend in Moscow during the first year of exile?
(a) 4 and a half months.
(b) 3 and a half months.
(c) 1 and a half months.
(d) 2 and a half months.

9. When did Volodya and his wife arrive at the village where he was exiled?
(a) Second week of September 1978.
(b) First week of September 1978.
(c) Third week of September 1978.
(d) Fourth week of September 1978.

10. When did Volodya's mother-in-law die?
(a) 1982.
(b) 1979.
(c) 1980.
(d) 1975.

11. What were refuseniks in Soviet Russia?
(a) People who refused to accept the end of the USSR.
(b) People who refused to take their Communist party card.
(c) Dissidents who refused to join the army.
(d) Dissidents whose visas were always refused.

12. Why was Volodya rejected from numerous institutions and factories according to Chapter 4?
(a) He failed to get his diploma.
(b) He was a Jew.
(c) He was not a Communist party member.
(d) He had a poor school record.

13. When did the government start attacking the refuseniks?
(a) March 1977.
(b) March 1979.
(c) March 1965.
(d) March 1978.

14. What relationship did Solomon have with his son in the 1970s?
(a) He cut ties with him.
(b) They were tense, but cordial.
(c) They were close.
(d) They talked every other week.

15. What was a result of Volodya's arrest and jail time?
(a) He started having contact with the foreign press.
(b) He stopped applying for a visa.
(c) He made friend of political dissidents.
(d) He repudiated his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Volodya earn the respect of his fellow prisoners?

2. What did the Soviet government repress the news of?

3. How long was Volodya told he had to wait before reapplying for a visa after being refused one?

4. Where did Volodya and the others stage their protest?

5. How did Volodya return to his exile with his wife in September 1978?

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