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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the main consequence of asking for a visa in Soviet Russia?
(a) Visa seekers could not work for the government.
(b) Visa seekers lost their pension.
(c) Visa seekers were seen as enemies of the government.
(d) Visa seekers lost their jobs.

2. When did Stalin die?
(a) April 5, 1953.
(b) March 5, 1951.
(c) March 5, 1953.
(d) March 5, 1952.

3. Where did Volodya and the others stage their protest?
(a) The Kremelin.
(b) The UN building.
(c) The US Embassy.
(d) The presidium.

4. When was Sanya Slepak offered an exit visa?
(a) 1978.
(b) 1979.
(c) 1977.
(d) 1976.

5. When did Leonid chance a trip to visit his parents?
(a) February 1979.
(b) February 1981.
(c) February 1978.
(d) February 1980.

6. What did Masha apply for and was granted after Solomon's death?
(a) Her retirement.
(b) The right to accompany Volodya in exile.
(c) An exit visa.
(d) A raise of her pension.

7. What was Volodya allowed to do following his father's death?
(a) Send a letter.
(b) Go to the Synagogue.
(c) Call his wife.
(d) Come back for the funeral.

8. Why was Leonid hiding from Soviet authorities?
(a) He refused to carry his Communist party card.
(b) He refused to convert.
(c) He refused to go to school.
(d) He refused to be drafted.

9. What was the first job Volodya found at the village?
(a) In a farm.
(b) At the granary.
(c) At the telegraph company.
(d) At the post office.

10. What were some of the refuseniks accused of being?
(a) CIA agents.
(b) FBI agents.
(c) KGB informers.
(d) Facists.

11. What did Sanya learn on the radio in 1978?
(a) That his parents had been arrested.
(b) That the USSR fell.
(c) That his parents fled the country.
(d) That his grandfather was dead.

12. What did Volodya learn Solomon knew and refused to talk about later on?
(a) That his mother died in childbirth.
(b) That he wanted to remarry.
(c) That he was not Jewish.
(d) That Volodya's name was on a deportation list.

13. What was a result of Volodya's arrest and jail time?
(a) He started having contact with the foreign press.
(b) He made friend of political dissidents.
(c) He repudiated his father.
(d) He stopped applying for a visa.

14. What did Solomon do during his retirement?
(a) Played golf.
(b) Watched TV.
(c) Wrote and translated.
(d) Worked at the local Communist center.

15. What did Volodya and his wife think prevented them from getting a visa?
(a) His religion.
(b) Masha's mother.
(c) Volodya's father.
(d) Volodya's security status.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Volodya borrow money against in Chapter 8?

2. How many others signed the letter to the UN asking for the right to emigrate to Israel?

3. What was the name of boat Volodya and Masha vacationed on?

4. When was Masha warned the second time about actions to be taken against the Russian Jews?

5. When did Masha and Volodya marry?

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