The Game of Kings Short Essay - Answer Key

Dorothy Dunnett
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1. How is Francis Crawford first introduced in the Opening Gambit?

Francis Crawford is introduced as the younger of two Crawford brothers and who is accused of treason and believed to be a fugitive. He is first seen being taken to the border inside of a ship called the Sea Catte.

2. How does Francis enter Scotland in the Opening Gambit?

Scotland is in a state of chaos because of the pending attempt of England to overtake it. Francis uses this chaotic environment to his advantage and slips across the border in a rowboat.

3. What is the topic of conversation for Tom Erskine and Wat Buccleuch in the Opening Gambit?

Tom and Wat are discussing the politics and the fears of an upcoming English invasion. They also talk about Richard's preoccupation with finding Francis, who interrupts their chat by surprising them both.

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