Objects & Places from The Game of Kings

Dorothy Dunnett
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This is the home country for the majority of the characters and the primary geographical setting for the book.


This is a neighboring country that shares a border with the country of the main characters, whose government wishes to align itself with that country through marriage or annex it through war.


This country is also interested in an alliance with the country of the main characters but chooses to focus on the commonalities instead of conflicts.


This country is a minor player with regard to the eruption of war, and it has a fleet of ships waiting just off of the coast for much of the book.

Edinburgh Castle

This is the home of Queen Mary that is heavily guarded against invasion.

Midculter Castle

This is the home of Richard and Mariotta Culter as well as Richard's mother, Lady Sybilla.

Branxholm Castle

This is...

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