Daily Lessons for Teaching The Game of Kings

Dorothy Dunnett
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Lesson 1 (from Opening Gambit)


Opening Gambit

In the Opening Gambit, the author introduces some of the main characters in the story. This lesson is about the purpose of the Gambit, and how Francis and his relationship with his family are first portrayed.


1) Class Discussion: What does the word "Gambit" refer to? How is a Gambit used in chess and as a way to open a conversation? Why might the author have decided to use the term Gambit instead of Introduction? What is the purpose of the Gambit in The Game of Kings?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class write three things about the main character, Francis Crawford, that are included in the Opening Gambit. Afterward, talk about the answers and which of Francis' characteristics could have the most impact on the story.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: Besides Francis, which other characters are introduced in the Opening Gambit? How is...

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