The Game of Kings Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Dorothy Dunnett
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Essay Topic 1

The Opening Gambit prepares the reader for the upcoming story and sets the stage for the battle between Scotland and England.

1) Describe the origins of the word "Gambit" and how it is used as an Introduction in literature.

2) Explain how Scotland is portrayed in the Opening Gambit, including the chaos and fears of its people.

3) Analyze how the character of Francis is first introduced in the Opening Gambit, his reputation, and how he returns to Scotland.

Essay Topic 2

Describe how Francis forms his military campaign. Provide examples of the characteristics and backgrounds of the men, their reasons for joining Francis, the services they are providing, and how they are compensated.

Essay Topic 3

Explain how Francis tests Will before allowing him to join the group. Include an analysis of why Francis is skeptical of Will at first, Will's reasons for volunteering, the three key elements that Will's...

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