The Game of Kings Character Descriptions

Dorothy Dunnett
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Francis Crawford of Lymond

This person is the main character with skills in sword fighting, music, and poetry, and who leads a troop of mercenary soldiers to restore their reputation as they are motivated by loyalty to their country.

Richard Crawford

This character holds the title of third baron Culter and has a marriage that is tested by the obsession to defeat a sibling, an outlaw with misunderstood motivations.

Will Scott of Kincurd

This character leaves home against parent's wishes and joins a group of mercenaries, eventually helping to prove the innocence of the main character.


This character travels a long distance to marry a Crawford and live at Midculter before being the topic of dissension between two siblings after receiving mysterious gifts.


This parent of the two Crawford siblings is cunning, intelligent, and demure, while revealing the identity of the person that is attempting to...

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