The Game of Kings Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dorothy Dunnett
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Opening Gambit

• In the Opening Gambit, Scotland is in chaos in anticipation of the English invasion.
• Francis Crawford, a fugitive accused of treason, secretly returns to Scotland and makes plans to form his own military campaign.

Part One, Chapter I

• The English defeat the Scottish at Pinkie, but the child Queen of Scotland is not harmed.
• Francis gathers his men, including Will, a young man who raises suspicions by volunteering, and prepares them for battle.

Part One, Chapters II and III

• Lady Christian and her servant, Sym, discover a stranger in the muck and attempt to learn his identity.
• As the Scottish gain a victory over the English, Christian connects with the stranger again before leaving to aid the Queen.

Part One, Chapters IV and V

• Agnes Herries, a wealthy, spoiled teenager, is sent to live at Midculter in order to be educated in the ways of a...

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