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Short Answer Questions

1. What reason is given for using the name Dora?

2. What does Freud say about children under 5 years old in "The Theory of Sexuality"?

3. How does Freud view bisexuality?

4. What term is also defined by one or more symptoms in "The Theory of Sexuality"?

5. How does Freud view the woman's complaint about her therapist's advice?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the brief expositions at the beginning of "The Theory of Sexuality" address?

2. What happens to Rat Man, the patient who has obsessional neurosis?

3. In what language was Freud's original work written and how might this affect Freud's work?

4. What does Freud suggest is important for the patient to do in therapy?

5. What happens in radical transformation?

6. Describe what Freud refers to as periodic depression.

7. What symptoms did 'Dora' have after experiencing a sexual trauma?

8. What did the doctor's find was making 'Dora' verge on suicidal behavior?

9. What does Freud suggest about children under five years old?

10. What does Freud say is the main concern of people's dreams dealing with psycho-therapy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Considering Freud's contribution to the field of psychoanalysis, why do you think Freud hated philosophy so much? In what ways is his disdain for philosophy paradoxical? Do you think if Freud were alive today, he would see his view of philosophy as paradoxical?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Freud's findings on bisexuality. What childhood factors contribute to one's sexual desire? What does Freud say about children at the age of five and twelve? How is that relevant to bisexuality?

Essay Topic 3

What do the results of the Rat Man's therapy divulge? What is important for the therapist to keep in mind when working with patient's like the Rat Man who deal with obsession? Make sure you define obsession in your response and draw support from the text for your statements.

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