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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Introductory Material)


Chapter 1, "Introductory Material"

In the introduction to "The Freud Reader," Editor Peter Gay addresses the importance of Freud's work in psychoanalysis. Freud hated philosophy although he practiced it to some extent with his work of psychology. This lesson will discuss Freud's opinion towards philosophy and how his hatred for philosophy is paradoxical.


1) Class Discussion:

Freud was concerned when philosophy began to advocate fallacy as a substitute of truth. As a class, how might philosophy be based on opinions and not facts. Why would Freud be bothered by fallacy being accepted as truth on the subject? How is philosophy connected to psychology?

2) Partner Activity:

Select a partner and discuss the difficulties of studying philosophy and psychology. Why is the tangibility of the subject hard to prove its research? Which subject is more difficult to prove its findings?

3) Individual Activity:

Write a short response to Freud's opinion...

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