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Chapter 1, Introductory Material

• Chapter 1.

• There are 5 separate sections of introductory material to this book.

• Editor Peter Gay introduces Freud as one of the select men who have given shape to 20th century.

• Gay includes Freud's hatred towards philosophy, although Freud practices philosophy to some extent himself.

• Gay addresses the difficulty of psychoanalysis due to the tangibility of the subject.
• This edition is part of the W.W. Norton and Co. Inc. version.

• Freud's writings were translated from German to English.

• The translations proliferated Freud's work.

Chapter 2, Concluding Introductions & The Making of a Psychoanalysis

• Chapter 2.

• This chapter addresses the use of hypnosis and Freud's belief that it is real and applicable to the field of psychoanalysis.

• Charcot is a Frenchman and was one of Freud's imminent mentors.

• Charcot was attentive and a good listener, which was great for psychoanalysis.

• Charcot deciphered hysterical and neurotic symptoms in men and women...

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