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Eliot Wigginton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Faith Healing".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tool is needed for drilling holes?
(a) Drawing knife.
(b) Mallet.
(c) Auger.
(d) Go-Devil.

2. Which of these wolly worm actions does NOT does not imply there is going to be a bad winter?
(a) Is found crawling before the first frost.
(b) Has a heavy coat.
(c) Is harder to find.
(d) Lots of them are seen.

3. What did the Editor do so that the contents were not altered for the story?
(a) Published it just as Mrs. Watts wrote it.
(b) Had the English teacher go over it.
(c) Had Mrs. Watts proof read it.
(d) Provided many pictures and details for the article.

4. What were early chimneys called?
(a) Stick-and-Mud chimneys.
(b) Smoke stacks.
(c) Possum cages.
(d) Brick Rock chimenys

5. What do you do with the meat after it is off the bone?
(a) Salt it.
(b) Lay it out to dry.
(c) Run it through a food chopper.
(d) Put it in a dutch oven.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Aunt Arie explain that she doesn't want to cut the eye if she can help it?

2. What is Andy Webb's turkey call made out of?

3. What is often mixed with hog brains when being cooked?

4. How many copies of Foxfire are printed the very first time it is printed?

5. What does the bull snake do that gave it its name?

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