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Eliot Wigginton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Rope, Straw, and Feathers are to Sleep on".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ailment does Aunt Arie have according to the author?
(a) Paralyzed due to stroke.
(b) Blind due to cataracts.
(c) Crazy due to living in the woods alone.
(d) Deaf due to fever.

2. What has caused the loss of the fine art of building a genuine log cabin?
(a) European influence.
(b) Lack of trees.
(c) Trend toward an easier life.
(d) Desire for unique looking houses.

3. What often attacked fresh chinking in chimneys?
(a) Rodents.
(b) Wasps.
(c) Bees.
(d) Birds.

4. What do the students say is one reason why they have asked Beulah to help them make a basket?
(a) She has offered.
(b) Because she makes good cakes.
(c) Because they enjoy her company.
(d) So they can learn from her.

5. What kind of meat does Aunt Arie say she doesn't want?
(a) Sugared
(b) Rabbit
(c) Cured
(d) Smoked

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wigginton suggest could be an answer to student failure?

2. Why does Beulah say that she has had a possum head cooked for her in her past?

3. Aunt Arie tells the students not to do anything that they wouldn't want WHO to know?

4. What might happen if there wasn't a proper footing on the chimney?

5. What tool is needed for drilling holes?

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