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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the American saecular cycle begin?
(a) At the start of World War I.
(b) During the Civil War.
(c) In the beginning of Ango-American modernity.
(d) When King George III taxed America.

2. What was the clash of powerful personalities during the beginning of Anglo-American modernity?
(a) Europe and America.
(b) Wars of the Roses and the Protestant Reformation.
(c) The Allies and the Axis powers.
(d) The North and the South.

3. According to the authors, Americans identify generations by determining what?
(a) The death from a generation.
(b) The length of a generation.
(c) The discord within a generation.
(d) The wealth a generation forms.

4. The authors say that present day Americans continue to acknowledge what periodic cycle?
(a) A Christian cycle of death and rebirth.
(b) Schooling.
(c) Jobs and retirements.
(d) Water and its forms.

5. According to the authors, what have people sought to redefine in the last 150 years?
(a) The concept of the generation.
(b) Family life and how to succeed while protecting it.
(c) Saving money for generations to come.
(d) The way the media reacts to generations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do children do in the general cycle of life according to the authors?

2. What was the generational cycle of 1600?

3. What was the generational cycle of 1690?

4. What happens in 'chaotic time' according to the authors?

5. What should Americans expect concerning living standards in the future according to the authors?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do the authors seem to stress learning about all revitalizations or movements?

2. How did the Baby Boomers behave during the First Turning according to the authors?

3. What do the authors think about the upcoming Fourth Turning?

4. How do the authors think Americans should feel about the Fourth Turning and why?

5. How did the Silent Generation behave during the First Turning according to the authors?

6. What should Americans do to prepare for the Fourth Turning according to the authors?

7. According to the authors, why did Vietnam destroy the GI Generation's endless confidence?

8. How did people behave when the book was written?

9. How do rhythms in social indicators reflect turnings?

10. Why does the name 'gray champion' fit an elder prophet?

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