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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lewis note that a person who is in love with a friend will do in relation to losing the love or the friendship equally?

2. According to Lewis, what element precludes crossing the lines of gender in relation to friendship?

3. Lewis asserts that all people need which of the following?

4. Lewis turns to which of the following professions to illustrate a refusal of releasing the notion of being needed?

5. Friends give value to which of the following, according to Lewis?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe the general misconception that people maintain about friendship?

2. How does the author, in the Eros part of his book, place the act of eating at the same level of importance as the physical part of love?

3. In the Eros section of his book, the author provides an illustration about the instrumental role that Eros plays in a person's state of being in love. How is it illustrated, and how can it be interpreted?

4. How does the author support his assertion that both single and married women seek ways to cross the barriers that keep them from establishing friendships with men?

5. Describe the example that the author mentions in the friendship section of his book that can actually be labeled as "the opposite of friendship."

6. What are the underlying traits of jealousy that author C.S. Lewis points out?

7. Although he introduces Eros as the state of being in love, in the Eros section of his book, the author personifies Eros. Describe the author's characterization of Eros.

8. What is a process that the author mentions that evokes affection in return?

9. What are some of the pitfalls associated with the physical part of being in love, according to the author?

10. What was it that the author listed that Mrs. Fidget did for her family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lewis writes about affection being a simple type of love that even cats and dogs have the capacity to give. In fact, he notes that a prime, basic example of affection is the type that a dog has for a man, who like man, shows affection in association with the familiar. Write an essay that correlates some of the common traits that Lewis points out between affection displayed and experienced by a dog with that of a man (or woman). Does Lewis skillfully do that to prepare the reader for the introduction of charity on a higher plane at the end of the book? Or do you view the order that Lewis has presented the different types of love as unplanned? State and support your position.

Essay Topic 2

"Eros" is the state of being in love, according to Lewis. He describes how sexuality plays a role in the love that exists between a man and a woman, but ultimately focuses on spending an inordinate amount of time explaining why one should not let that type of love consume him/her. Write an essay on whether you agree or disagree with Lewis' description of Eros as noted above, and also elaborate on whether the author is directing the reader toward his way of thinking in terms of placing emphasis on the inability to have time to focus on God if one gets involved in an Eros love type relationship.

Essay Topic 3

Author Lewis places charity above all the other loves that he describes in his book. Do you agree with his assertion that charity is the ultimate type of love to pursue and possess? Do you disagree? Why or why not? Write an essay elaborating on the aforementioned observations and questions that have been raised as you have been reading and studying The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.

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