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Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis points out friendships that exist between friends of the same sex, which can be deemed as which of the following?

2. According to Lewis, what is likely to happen if a woman deprives her husband or significant other from friendships with others?

3. According to Lewis, most people regard friendship as being which of the following in relation to all the kinds of love?

4. Lewis uses which of the following characters to illustrate how perversion is possible within gift love?

5. A person's affection for animals, Lewis asserts, tends to drain which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the example that the author mentions in the friendship section of his book that can actually be labeled as "the opposite of friendship."

2. What were some of the activities that author Lewis noted as having taken place in the Fidget household after Mrs. Fidget died?

3. What are the underlying traits of jealousy that author C.S. Lewis points out?

4. Describe the observations that the author makes in relation to the workplace playing an instrumental role in the formation of friendships between men and women.

5. In the Eros section of his book, the author provides an illustration about the instrumental role that Eros plays in a person's state of being in love. How is it illustrated, and how can it be interpreted?

6. What was it that the author listed that Mrs. Fidget did for her family?

7. What does the author note in relation to pitfalls associated with animals?

8. Describe the actual tasks that the author lists in connection with what Mrs. Fidget did for her family.

9. What is a process that the author mentions that evokes affection in return?

10. The author basically implies that despite promising to do so, human beings are not capable of establishing everlasting love, and provides support for his assertion. How does he accomplish that?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Since having read the chapter on charity, what type of attitude changes have you experienced, if any, with respect to love? Do you still perceive love to be the type that Lewis labels as natural, the type that is directed toward specific individuals only? Or are you now, following your reading of the chapter on charity, ready to abandon all of your former ideas about love and make charity your goal and quest? Write an essay focusing on the aforementioned questions.

Essay Topic 2

Even love of home, family, and country have, in a way, been discouraged by Lewis. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Write an essay focusing on the potentially harmful aspects of patriotism that Lewis writes about. Do you agree, as he suggests, that your level of patriotism should be maintained at a healthy level? Would you rather raise it to a much higher level? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Friendship and affection, according to Lewis, are not connected, but rather are separate emotions. Write an essay explaining what you understand Lewis is referring to in relation to friendship and affection being separate emotions, and elaborate on whether you agree or disagree with Lewis on that point. Support your position with direct text or paraphrase.

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