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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is the single element that Lewis mentions to be instrumental in helping an individual find sufficient strength to stand up before the masses for his/her belief(s)?

2. Which types of love, according to Lewis, are subject to the effects of jealousy?

3. A man may seek out friends as a means to fill his need for friends, but also to accomplish which of the following, according to Lewis?

4. The promise of life-long love is which of the following, according to Lewis?

5. According to Lewis, most friendships exist between men and men and women and women due to which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the pitfalls associated with the physical part of being in love, according to the author?

2. What are some of the exclusion elements relevant to friendship that the author points out?

3. What are the underlying traits of jealousy that author C.S. Lewis points out?

4. What does the author write in relation to a form of stereotype labeling that tends to follow friends of the same sex?

5. How does the author, in the Eros part of his book, place the act of eating at the same level of importance as the physical part of love?

6. How does the author, in the Eros section of his book, explain that love is more than just physical?

7. Describe the observations that the author makes in relation to the workplace playing an instrumental role in the formation of friendships between men and women.

8. The author basically implies that despite promising to do so, human beings are not capable of establishing everlasting love, and provides support for his assertion. How does he accomplish that?

9. How does the author support his assertion that both single and married women seek ways to cross the barriers that keep them from establishing friendships with men?

10. How does the author support his contention that there is advantage to numbers beyond two when applied to friendship?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Author Lewis places charity above all the other loves that he describes in his book. Do you agree with his assertion that charity is the ultimate type of love to pursue and possess? Do you disagree? Why or why not? Write an essay elaborating on the aforementioned observations and questions that have been raised as you have been reading and studying The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.

Essay Topic 2

C.S. Lewis writes about patriotism, describing it as a type of love (affection) for one's country, and suggests that countrymen tend to claim that only their country has the most beautiful women and the bravest men. He also states that countrymen tend to not to want to talk about unfavorable occurrences in their nation's history, while reserving their talk to tell the heroic tales of their country. Write an essay focusing on the things that Lewis describes can go wrong when a country's citizenry "puff up" their nation's history to put it in a better light. As an addendum to this assignment, write a description of the United States as you know it, and mention a couple of United States historical facts that you would like for a visitor to the United States to know about the U.S.A.

Essay Topic 3

With respect to the final portion of the book in which the author focuses on charity, the question is whether you agree that it appears as though Lewis' comparison between charity and human love is somewhat biased in nature? If so, explain why, and how the author attempts to turn it in favor of charity or in favor of human love. Support your opinion and/or observations by incorporating either direct quotes and/or paraphrasing from the text.

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