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Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis asserts that an individual in a crowd of a different opinion tends to be which of the following?

2. Lewis states that finding true affection, friendship, and deeper love for a person takes which of the following actions in order to evoke affection in return?

3. Lewis cites that when men in a certain neighborhood spend their time working while the women may have pursued literary or artistic interests, how are the women likely to label the men?

4. According to Lewis, which is the least natural of the loves that he focuses on in his book?

5. Eros, according to Lewis, has the capability of turning love into which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the observations that the author makes in relation to the workplace playing an instrumental role in the formation of friendships between men and women.

2. Describe some of the profound observations that the author makes about the real value of friendship.

3. How does the author support his contention that there is advantage to numbers beyond two when applied to friendship?

4. Describe the example that the author mentions in the friendship section of his book that can actually be labeled as "the opposite of friendship."

5. Describe the actual tasks that the author lists in connection with what Mrs. Fidget did for her family.

6. How does the author provide insight to how a man is able to retain his choice of friends despite attempts to eliminate them from his presence that may be made by the woman in his life?

7. What are some of the exclusion elements relevant to friendship that the author points out?

8. What are the underlying traits of jealousy that author C.S. Lewis points out?

9. What were some of the activities that author Lewis noted as having taken place in the Fidget household after Mrs. Fidget died?

10. Although he introduces Eros as the state of being in love, in the Eros section of his book, the author personifies Eros. Describe the author's characterization of Eros.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The question regarding whether men and women can be friends comes up during the course of Lewis' explanation of the love type known as friendship. It is a complicated web that Lewis spins as he attempts to establish whether men and women can be friends. Unravel that web that Lewis has spun, and write an essay explaining your understanding of what the author attempts to convey and conclude about the possibility of friendships blooming and lasting between women and men.

Essay Topic 2

Lewis makes quite a distinction about the variations of love. He describes the difference between "like" and "love," referring to "love" as being at the high end of the spectrum of love, putting it at the opposite end of what he calls "the lowest form of love, "like." He also includes comments and suggestions about what is considered to be acceptable regarding the use of "love" in relation to inanimate objects, noting that it is more acceptable to use "like" in those cases. (i.e. "I like strawberries" rather than "I love strawberries"). Write an essay describing any change(s) in vocabulary or lifestyle that you have begun to exercise since reading Lewis' work and descriptions of love. Also elaborate on whether reading his book has inspired you to want to make any changes in your life In relation to charity, the type of love that Lewis regards as being the ultimate type of love available, that should be sought by mankind.

Essay Topic 3

Lewis writes about affection being a simple type of love that even cats and dogs have the capacity to give. In fact, he notes that a prime, basic example of affection is the type that a dog has for a man, who like man, shows affection in association with the familiar. Write an essay that correlates some of the common traits that Lewis points out between affection displayed and experienced by a dog with that of a man (or woman). Does Lewis skillfully do that to prepare the reader for the introduction of charity on a higher plane at the end of the book? Or do you view the order that Lewis has presented the different types of love as unplanned? State and support your position.

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