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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Lewis, when bestowed upon which of the following, admiration can be deemed as appreciative love?

2. What of the following can consume a person and take over his/her life, according to Lewis?

3. According to Lewis, when is it that problems in love arise?

4. What does Lewis surmise as being the basis for friendship?

5. How many types of pleasure exist, according to Lewis?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe "appreciative love"?

2. Describe what the author mentions about our "need love" for God.

3. How does the author explain that people go about putting themselves and their home country in the best possible light?

4. How does the author contradict the widely-accepted belief concerning verification of the theological proposition?

5. Describe the love-related warning that the author issues to the reader.

6. Why, based on the author's assertions, do people not want foreigners to take over the governance of their country?

7. What types of affectionate pairings does the author mention are capable of occurring?

8. How is disinterest in what is "need pleasure" for others illustrated in a heroic light by the author in the "Likings and Loves for the Sub-Human" section of his book?

9. What are the two categories that the author divides all love types into as he begins his discussion on the subject of love?

10. What topic(s) does author C.S. Lewis share with the reader in the opening pages of his book that relate to his personal experience about writing a book focused on love?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Since having read the chapter on charity, what type of attitude changes have you experienced, if any, with respect to love? Do you still perceive love to be the type that Lewis labels as natural, the type that is directed toward specific individuals only? Or are you now, following your reading of the chapter on charity, ready to abandon all of your former ideas about love and make charity your goal and quest? Write an essay focusing on the aforementioned questions.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout his book, C.S. Lewis gives the reader advice on various issues, such as not allowing love to consume you. Write an essay stating what you are able to remember about the dangers that Lewis describes in relation to allowing it to consume you, and state whether you agree or disagree that Lewis' warnings are applicable to your choice of love type (i.e. affection, friendship, etc.).

Essay Topic 3

Lewis makes quite a distinction about the variations of love. He describes the difference between "like" and "love," referring to "love" as being at the high end of the spectrum of love, putting it at the opposite end of what he calls "the lowest form of love, "like." He also includes comments and suggestions about what is considered to be acceptable regarding the use of "love" in relation to inanimate objects, noting that it is more acceptable to use "like" in those cases. (i.e. "I like strawberries" rather than "I love strawberries"). Write an essay describing any change(s) in vocabulary or lifestyle that you have begun to exercise since reading Lewis' work and descriptions of love. Also elaborate on whether reading his book has inspired you to want to make any changes in your life In relation to charity, the type of love that Lewis regards as being the ultimate type of love available, that should be sought by mankind.

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