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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following, according to Lewis, lend support to the belief that Eros is a higher type of love?
(a) Strength, sweetness, and sheer terror.
(b) Composition, influence, and enlightment.
(c) Power, dynamics, and jolts.
(d) Boldness, charisma, and transformation.

2. Which of the following is an unconventional basis for friendship that Lewis cites?
(a) Intimidation.
(b) The ability to exclude others.
(c) Differences of opinion.
(d) A history of having engaged in a bitter dispute.

3. Which of the following does Lewis deem necessary for a man and a woman to make a long-term relationship work?
(a) Commitment.
(b) Trust.
(c) Hard work.
(d) Faithfulness.

4. According to Lewis, what is the reason that people are tempted to overstep the bounds of affection?
(a) Simply because they are selfish.
(b) Simply because they are affectionate.
(c) Simply because they are people.
(d) Simply because they are insecure.

5. Lewis uses which of the following characters to illustrate how perversion is possible within gift love?
(a) Mrs. Troxclair.
(b) Mrs. Winters.
(c) Mrs. Fidget.
(d) Mrs. Lawrence.

6. Lewis writes that to say, "These are my friends..." implies which of the following?
(a) That others are welcome to join that group.
(b) That others are not included in that group.
(c) That conflict may actually exist within that group.
(d) That not everyone in the group may agree that they are all friends.

7. A person's affection for animals, Lewis asserts, tends to drain which of the following?
(a) The need to be needed by the family.
(b) The need for affection.
(c) The need for others' attention.
(d) The need for acceptance by others.

8. Lewis makes it a point to label which of the following as a serious topic?
(a) Singing.
(b) Eating.
(c) Praying.
(d) Bathing.

9. Lewis points out that both men and women want which of the following in addition to a spouse or a significant other?
(a) Attention.
(b) Affection.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Security.

10. According to Lewis, what is likely to happen if a woman deprives her husband or significant other from friendships with others?
(a) He will begin to resent the actions of his spouse or significant other.
(b) He will no longer be the man to whom she was attracted.
(c) His outside friendships will diminish.
(d) He will begin to consider removing his wife or significant other from his roster of friends.

11. Which of the following labels does Lewis use in referring to the human body?
(a) "Vehicle of Creation."
(b) "Vehicle of the Blessed Sacrament."
(c) "Vehicle of Life."
(d) "Vehicle of Embodiment"

12. Friends give value to which of the following, according to Lewis?
(a) Our popularity.
(b) Our self-worth.
(c) Our life.
(d) Our image.

13. Lewis cites which of the following groups from ancient times as illustrative of friendship and bonding having evolved as a result of necessity and unity?
(a) Hunters.
(b) Explorers.
(c) Sailors.
(d) Philosophers.

14. Lewis equates meeting around the dinner table for conversation as which of the following?
(a) A time to eat the lightest meal of the day.
(b) A time for reflection on the day's events.
(c) A social opportunity.
(d) An opportunity to plan the following day.

15. According to Lewis, what did the character whom he used to illustrate perversion in gift love constantly tell others in relation to her family?
(a) "My family is made up of individuals who are all self-sufficient."
(b) "My family is an ideal family without any problems or worries."
(c) "I sacrifice everything for my family."
(d) "I live for my family."

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Lewis, most friendships exist between men and men and women and women due to which of the following?

2. According to Lewis, which is the least natural of the loves that he focuses on in his book?

3. Eros honored and allowed to run free will consume and become which of the following, according to Lewis?

4. Lewis turns to which of the following professions to illustrate a refusal of releasing the notion of being needed?

5. Based on Lewis' observations, what level of emphasis do modern writers place on friendship?

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