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Rupert Gethin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An _____ is a being from a lower realm of existence in Buddhist cosmology.
(a) Angel.
(b) Animal.
(c) Astral traveler.
(d) Argonaut.

2. In terms of karma, one's state of mind is important and constitutes a _____.
(a) Dharma.
(b) Sutra.
(c) False promise.
(d) Real deed.

3. The subject of the monk Nagasena's story to the king is a _____.
(a) Dog.
(b) Chariot.
(c) Camel.
(d) Hut.

4. One of the four elements in Buddhism is _____.
(a) Fire.
(b) Clouds.
(c) Space.
(d) Soma.

5. The Mahayana Lankavatara Sutra explicitly argues against _____.
(a) Running after ghosts.
(b) Watching children.
(c) Holding fire ceremonies.
(d) Meat eating.

6. The repository manuals related to the sutras are called the _____.
(a) Shastas.
(b) Mantras.
(c) Sastras.
(d) Matras.

7. In Buddhism, the truth underlying reality is _____.
(a) Meditation.
(b) Emptiness.
(c) Thusness.
(d) Wielding.

8. The bodhisattva turns away from samsara as a place of _____.
(a) Enlightenment.
(b) Denial.
(c) Suffering.
(d) Refuge.

9. At the center of a cakra-vada is the great _____.
(a) Ocean.
(b) Gold heart.
(c) World mountain.
(d) Sky god.

10. Some Budhdists believe that the idea of self is something conditioned by ____.
(a) Love.
(b) Success.
(c) Greed.
(d) Continuity.

11. To the early Upanisads, the ultimate self is identified with the underlying ground of all reality known as _____.
(a) Sutta.
(b) Brahman.
(c) Karma.
(d) Dharma.

12. Flowers, incense, and lamps are _____ in modern Buddhism.
(a) Distractions.
(b) Offerings.
(c) Discards.
(d) Bribes.

13. A _____ is a being from a lower realm of existence in Buddhist cosmology.
(a) Happy human.
(b) Hungry ghost.
(c) Martyr.
(d) Lost angel.

14. Samsara is _____.
(a) The round of rebirth.
(b) Death.
(c) Chakra light source.
(d) Heaven.

15. The self is characterized as _____ in the early Upanisads.
(a) Creative.
(b) Symbolic.
(c) Ungraspable.
(d) Concrete.

Short Answer Questions

1. One of the five hindrances is _____.

2. As a system of thought, Abhidharma is to be contrasted with the system of _____ of the Buddha.

3. Karma is a being's _____ of body, speech, and mind.

4. Death is simply a _____ of events.

5. An awareness of ourselves as thinking subjects is called _____.

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