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Rupert Gethin
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Mounds that hold Buddhist relics, often thought to be ashes of the Buddha's body.


This refers to either the teachings of Buddha that generate Enlightenment or the most basic elements of the experienced world.

The Four Noble Truths

Perhaps the most fundamental teachings of Buddhism, these are about suffering.

Dependent Arising

As a central doctrine in Buddhism that is shared by all schools, this is a form of awareness that comes from the intersection of basic mental and physical events. It is associated with the doctrine of no self.


Called Sunyata, this is a phenomenon that results from realizing that the world has no intrinsic identity but is impermanent.

The Abhidharma

These are third century BCE or later Buddhist texts that are systematizations and scholarly analyses of Buddhist doctrines as found in the sutras.

Buddhist Cosmology

This idea is directly tied to the complex theory...

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