Daily Lessons for Teaching The Foundations of Buddhism

Rupert Gethin
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)



The Theraveda tradition is one of the three traditions of Buddhism explained in the book. This lesson is on its regions and practices.


1) Class Discussion: Where is the Theraveda tradition practiced? What other name is it sometimes referred to as? Why is it called this?

2) Journal: What language is its canonical text preserved in? What is the nature of this language? What language does the author compare it to?

3) Buddhist Practices: What does this tradition exemplify? How does it compare to ancient Buddhism? When did it exist in India?

4) Group Discussion: How many people practice this tradition? Why does the author choose this tradition to teach in the book? What is the role of the language of the canonical texts throughout Indian traditions?

5) Homework: Write a paragraph on how the Theraveda tradition compares to the Mahayana tradition. How does the author define the Mahayana...

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