The Foundations of Buddhism Fun Activities

Rupert Gethin
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Tree of Bodhi

Draw a picture of the Siddhartha Gautama meditating under the asvattha tree.

Journal of the Ascetic

Write a journal of daily events for a person who lived the life of an ascetic. What would he do all day? Whom would he encounter?

Map of Buddhism

On a map of the world, label the different countries where Buddhism exists. Label the type of Buddhism that is practiced in each country.

Children's Story

Write a children's story based on the awakening of the Buddha.

Short Story

Read the story in Chapter 3, The Four Truths, regarding the man who set out on the great journey. Write the actual story in prose instead of the conjecture style of the Buddha's teaching. Name the characters and places. It can be set in modern or ancient times.


Write a meditation recitation based on Buddhist principles.

The Gods

Research the gods...

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