The Foundations of Buddhism Character Descriptions

Rupert Gethin
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Siddhartha Gautama

This person is said to have attained Enlightenment and developed the philosophy of the Four Truths.

Buddhist Monks

These people took up the various ascetic practices of celibacy, fasting, poverty, and right conduct. They wrote down teachings and turned them into the scriptures, evangelizing the Eastern world, from India to Japan and Mongolia to Thailand and Vietnam.

Mahayana Buddhists

These people are most common in East Asia. The members are unique in recognizing certain sutras.

Theravada Buddhists

These people are conservative and express the predominant religion in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka with 100 million followers. The followers focus on the four noble truths.

Tibetan Buddhists

These people live in the Himalayas and are members of the smallest school of Buddhism.

The Self

This is merely a construct imagined out of unifications and connections between distinct mental and physical events.


These are classified as major and...

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