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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the group walk to the ship?
(a) Because they need the fresh air.
(b) Because George Herapath has driven off with the coach.
(c) Because the coach cannot hold them all.
(d) Because it's foggy and no one will see them.

2. What is one-sided?
(a) The regard Michael Herapath has for Wogan.
(b) The feelings between Maturin and Villiers.
(c) The conversation between Maturin and Johnson.
(d) The flow of information between Aubrey and England.

3. How is Maturin threatened?
(a) He is not threatened, merely entreated.
(b) By saying he will be handed over to the French.
(c) By taking him to the Naval prison yard.
(d) By a thinly-veiled note from the Admiral of the Navies.

4. How does Aubrey respond to the Navy's questions?
(a) Incredulous.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Cooperative.
(d) He is angry and shaken.

5. How does Villiers seem in relation to Maturin?
(a) Arrogant.
(b) Maudlin.
(c) Needy.
(d) Weepy.

6. Who is aged, dissipated by alcohol, and fairly crass of speech?
(a) George Herapath.
(b) Wogan.
(c) Alyers.
(d) Villiers.

7. What does Maturin find among Johnson's papers?
(a) A check to Villiers for 10,000 dollars.
(b) Maturin's marriage proposal.
(c) A note from the President of the United States.
(d) Signs that Johnson is a double agent.

8. Upon whom does Maturin call?
(a) Evans.
(b) Herapath.
(c) The English consulate.
(d) The Naval Intelligence office.

9. Who is Caroline?
(a) Herapath's sister.
(b) Evans's wife.
(c) Wogan's infant daughter.
(d) Wogan's sister.

10. What causes Maturin to flee through the streets of Boston to Villiers' hotel?
(a) He is again beset with attackers.
(b) He is afraid she is about to be killed.
(c) He does not go to see Villiers.
(d) He is anxious to tell her he will marry her.

11. About what does the Navy department interview Aubrey?
(a) Maturin.
(b) Some ancient and rather cryptic notes.
(c) An order that is intercepted by the Americans.
(d) A missive from Admiral Nelson.

12. How does Aubrey, Maturin and Villiers get out of the harbor?
(a) Swimming.
(b) On the Arcuturas.
(c) On board the Caroline.
(d) On a small boat.

13. What does Aubrey ask of George Herapath?
(a) Help and silence.
(b) To tell him who Dubreuil is.
(c) To speak to the Navy Intelligence on Aubrey's behave.
(d) To shelter Villiers.

14. How does Maturin know Wogan does not suspect him of any treachery from their last encounter?
(a) He is not sure how Wogan feels.
(b) Wogan is warm and friendly to Maturin.
(c) Wogan tells him she knows who betrayed Maturin.
(d) Wogan asks him for more documents.

15. Who is Wogan's employer?
(a) Diana Villiers.
(b) No one.
(c) George Herapath.
(d) Harry Johnson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who goes into the hotel to retrieve Maturin and Villiers?

2. What does Aubrey think about in relation to Broke?

3. What is the initial topic of discussion between Maturin and Johnson?

4. Why does Maturin speak to a priest?

5. What does Villiers reveal when she returns to her room?

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