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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5 and 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What vessel will Aubrey be captaining once he arrives in England?
(a) The Acasta.
(b) The Northhampton.
(c) The York.
(d) The Leopard after its refitting.

2. What has been the outcome of those encounters?
(a) Nothing decisive has been accomplished.
(b) The Americans have been decisively victorious.
(c) The Americans and English have split victories.
(d) Aubrey is unsure of the outcomes.

3. What does the HMS Shannon do?
(a) Takes a look into the harbor as Aubrey is watching.
(b) Attacks the docks in the Boston harbor.
(c) Signals with lanterns to Aubrey.
(d) Blows up.

4. What is the initial topic of discussion between Maturin and Johnson?
(a) About Aubrey.
(b) About the war.
(c) About the bird species named boobies.
(d) About Michael Herapath.

5. How are Aubrey's men received?
(a) With hostility.
(b) With kindness but they are also rationing food.
(c) With open arms and lots of food and water.
(d) Suspiciously.

Short Answer Questions

1. What civilian is on board the ship?

2. What is in the Java's favor?

3. Why does Christmas of 1812 pass with some gloom?

4. Who is Yorke?

5. Where does the Constitution land?

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