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HMS Leopard

This is a two-decker, fourth-rate, ship of the line which carries fifty guns and is a fictionalized representation of an historic ship.

HMS La Flèche

This is a dispatch-carrying ship upon which Maturin and Aubrey take passage from Pulo Batang to somewhere off the coast of Cape Town.

The Blue Cutter

After HMS La Flèche burns, Aubrey and Maturin take refuge in this.

HMS Java

This is a thirty-eight gun, fifth rate frigate that rescues Aubrey and Maturin and then carries them into unsuccessful combat against USS Constitution.

HMS Shannon

This is a twenty-four gun, sixth-rate frigate on the American blockade station off Boston.

Futtock-Shrouds and the Lubber's Hole

These terms relate to rigging on sailing vessels.


The cannonballs would strike the enemy ship's outer hull and cause enormous swarms of these to spall away from the ship's inner hull.


To have...

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