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Chapters 1 and 2

• HMS Leopard reaches the safety of Pulo Batang.

• Aubrey calls upon the Admiral who informs Aubrey that Leopard will be converted to a transport.

• Aubrey return to England aboard La Flèche to accept command of Acasta.

• Aubrey argues for and is allowed to retain his lieutenants and midshipmen.

• Maturin and Wallis exchange information regarding their intelligence activities.
• Maturin and Aubrey join in a game of cricket, playing against the Admiral's prime team.

• Maturin does not know the game and ends up smashing the wicket with his hurley.

• Maturin carefully stows his natural history specimens aboard the La Flèche.
• Aubrey and Maturin have dinner with the Captain and Aubrey learns that Sophie knows he is alive and well.

• The voyage is monotonous with Aubrey writing many lengthy letters home.

• Maturin befriends the ship's surgeon who is intensely interested in Maturin's collections.
• La Flèche stops...

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