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Guy Sajer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many days of supplies were issued to Sajer and his group before Sajer left the training camp?
(a) 8 days.
(b) 3 weeks.
(c) 2 days.
(d) 5 days.

2. What did Guy Sajer do in 1942?
(a) He married.
(b) He fled to England.
(c) He joined the resistance.
(d) Enrolled or was drafted in the German army.

3. What does Sajer say he didn't know in Part 2 Chapter 4?
(a) Who was Paula.
(b) How to fire a weapon.
(c) Why he was drafted.
(d) Who was bombing Germany.

4. What type of building was Sajer's training camp at?
(a) A Polish castle.
(b) A Ukrainian castle.
(c) A Romanian manor.
(d) A French farm.

5. Where was Von Paulus as Sajer was finishing his training?
(a) In France.
(b) In North Africa.
(c) In the Volga.
(d) Near Moscow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What river is south of Voronezh according to Part 1 Chapter 2?

2. Who was Sajer's unit trained by according to Part 2 Chapter 5?

3. Who did Guy Sajer transfer to the infantry with?

4. What other recruits did Guy Sajer befriend according to the Author's Preface and Prologue?

5. Why were Sajer, Lensen, and Hals reprimanded by Laus?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the Belgorod offensive go for the German soldiers according to Sajer?

2. What happened to the weather as the Germans started to retreat from the Don River and what effect did it have on the landscape?

3. What type of training did Sajer and his unit completed at the Polish fortress?

4. What unit did Sajer volunteer for and where did he receive training in Part 2 - The Gross Deutschland?

5. What happened when the Poles tried to sell Sajer and his unit some eggs?

6. Who came to see Sajer during his leave and what did that person bring?

7. What does Sajer say happened during his first firefight?

8. How was the Belgorod assault mounted according to Sajer in Part 2 - The Gross Deutschland?

9. What did Sajer and his group perform during the first two weeks on the front?

10. What happened to the truck Sajer drove during the German retreat from the Don River?

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