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Guy Sajer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Guy Sajer's real name?
(a) Guy Dra.
(b) Guy Hals.
(c) Guy Mouteux.
(d) Guy Mouminoux.

2. Who did guy Sajer travel with who spoke French?
(a) Lensen, Olensheim, and Hals.
(b) Lensen.
(c) Hals.
(d) Olensheim and Hals.

3. What did Sajer's unit use to ferry supplies to the front line?
(a) Donkey carts.
(b) Russian carts.
(c) Their backs.
(d) German tanks.

4. What other recruits did Guy Sajer befriend according to the Author's Preface and Prologue?
(a) Bruno Lensen, Fahrstein, Olensheim, Lindberg, and Hals.
(b) Olensheim, Lindberg, and Hals.
(c) Bruno Lensen and Fahrstein.
(d) Lindberg and Hals.

5. What does Sajer say of Hals' physique?
(a) He was slender.
(b) He was athletic.
(c) He was short.
(d) He was enormous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Sajer do during the week and a half he spent in Berlin?

2. Where did Guy Sajer go after leaving Chemnitz prior to his arrival in Bialystok?

3. How many of the 60,000 soldiers that participated in the counter thrust Sajer mentions in Part 2 Chapter 6 were Hitlerjugend?

4. What happened to the Russian prisoners after the counter-thrust in Part 2 Chapter 6?

5. What did Sajer drive during the German Army retreat from the Don River?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sajer say Russian prisoners were transported back to the prisoner's camp?

2. Who did Sajer drive with during the German retreat from the Don River and what happened to that person?

3. How was the Belgorod assault mounted according to Sajer in Part 2 - The Gross Deutschland?

4. What did Sajer decide to do with his leave pass?

5. What were the soldiers disgusted by according to Sajer in Part 1- Russia?

6. Who came to see Sajer during his leave and what did that person bring?

7. How many soldiers were involved in the Belgorod offensive according to Sajer?

8. What does Sajer say of commanding officer, Captain Fink?

9. What clothes does Sajer say he had after exiting the water in the Author's Preface and Prologue?

10. How did the Belgorod offensive go for the German soldiers according to Sajer?

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