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Guy Sajer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What continued to stun Sajer at the end of Part 3 Chapter 7?
(a) The violence and horror of combat.
(b) The lack of food.
(c) The lack of ammunition.
(d) The lack of competent commanding officers.

2. Why were Sajer and the other soldiers on leave told to go back to the front?
(a) Because the train tracks were destroyed.
(b) Because of Germany's imperiled state.
(c) Because the unit had moved.
(d) Because their pass were not valid.

3. Who did Hals meet during the time his unit stayed in one place in Part 3 Chapter 7?
(a) His bother.
(b) A German girl.
(c) A Russian girl.
(d) A Polish girl.

4. Which of Sajer friends died in Part 4 Chapter 12?
(a) Hals.
(b) Olenshein.
(c) Westen.
(d) The Veteran.

5. How many tanks did Sajer and his group destroy during the Russian probe of their position in Part 4 Chapter 12?
(a) 3.
(b) 2.
(c) 6.
(d) 8.

6. How were Sajer and his group rescued from Memel?
(a) By farmers.
(b) By a Romanian Company.
(c) By a boat.
(d) By a German division.

7. What did Sajer's regiment discover after securing the town in Part 3 Chapter 8?
(a) They were encircled.
(b) They had no air support.
(c) Their commanding officer left them.
(d) They had no ammunition.

8. What did Sajer do after leaving the German army?
(a) Served as a clerk.
(b) Stayed in prison.
(c) Served as a translator.
(d) Enrolled in the French army.

9. Who does Sajer say cowered during battle in Part 4 Chapter 12?
(a) Westen.
(b) Lindberg.
(c) The Veteran.
(d) Hals.

10. What did the German army have on the east bank of the Dnieper?
(a) It's headquarters for the area.
(b) Tens of thousands of soldiers.
(c) It's main tank depots.
(d) It's main supply depots.

11. What does Sajer say was suspicious to the military police officers who interrogated him?
(a) He had unfired cartridges.
(b) He had a Russian rifle.
(c) He was part French.
(d) He didn't know where his commanding officer was.

12. What does Sajer say was inundated in Part 3 Chapter 9?
(a) The mail service.
(b) The medical service.
(c) Local rivers.
(d) The tank repair service.

13. What memory did Sajer keep of his fever fueled retreat?
(a) Being ordered to fire.
(b) He did not remember anything.
(c) Being ordered to run.
(d) Being ordered to stay low.

14. Why did Sajer and his troop divert to Memel?
(a) It was a resupply depot.
(b) It was heavily fortified.
(c) The rest of their division was there.
(d) It was the only German strongpoint they could reach.

15. What promotion did Sajer receive in Part 5 Chapter 16?
(a) Stabsfeldwebel.
(b) Unterfeldwebel.
(c) Obergefreiter.
(d) Feldwebel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many German soldiers were captured when the Russians collapsed the pocket of German resistance in Part 4 Chapter 10?

2. How long did Sajer tell the interrogator he had not received mail from home?

3. Where did the boat Sajer and his troops were on arrive in Part 5 Chapter 19?

4. How high was the fever Sajer mentioned in Part 3 Chapter 8?

5. How did the German army start crossing the Dnieper?

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