Objects & Places from The Forgotten Soldier

Guy Sajer
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Ost Front und Panzer Wolfram

This was a propaganda magazine produced by the German military which circulated among the soldiers in the eastern front; however, the paper's falsehoods often created problems for soldiers who assumed they were safe in certain regions.

Popovs, Muzhiks, and Ivans

These were pejorative terms used to describe a Russian soldiers and may be translated as a peasant or serf.

Ourrah, pobieda! and Sieg Heil!

This was a Russian battle cry used during fighting and often caused German soldiers to fear for their lives.

Small Arms

These items included the Mauser, Karabiner 98k, and the standard German battle rifle.


This item was used to describe horrific circumstances, which often caused incredible mental strain.


These were widely used on the eastern front throughout the war.


These often caused massive casualties.


This was a city in Prussia, which was also the location...

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