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Guy Sajer
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Lesson 1 (from Author's Preface and Prologue)


Author's Preface and Prologue

Guy Mouminoux, who wrote under the pen name of Guy Sajer, was born January 1927 in Paris. The objective of this lesson is to examine the author, Guy Mouminoux and his background.


1) Class Discussion: Who was Guy Sajer? What was his real name? Why did he use a pen name? When was he born? Where was he born? Where was his father from? Where was his mother from? Why did he comment on the difficulty of speaking German fluently? Why did he tend to associate with others who spoke French? Where did Sajer live in 1943? What army did he join/get drafted into? Why was this significant?

2) Pair Work: Debate: Students should have 5 minutes to prepare a response to the following prompt: Guy Sajer should have avoided military service in World War II.

3) Independent Work: Library Research and Outline: Students should research...

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