The Forgotten Soldier Fun Activities

Guy Sajer
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Map It Out!

Create a map of all the places Sajer went during his time in service. Include notations of what transports he used and where he saw combat as discussed in The Forgotten Soldier.


Students should imagine that they are a journalist preparing for an interview and prepare questions to ask Guy Sajer when he would come back from the front in The Forgotten Soldier. Create questions related to his joining the military, Sajer's experience as a soldier on both the German and French sides, and his return to civilian life.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that has both across and down answers focusing on the soldiers presented in The Forgotten Soldier, locations in the book, and events that Sajer discussed in the book. Limit the hint to 4 to 6 words and create a key or answers to the crossword puzzle. Students should exchange their crossword...

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