The Forgotten Soldier Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Guy Sajer
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Essay Topic 1

What happened to the Alsace region between 1871 and 1939? Why was that region disputed and what country do you think had the best claim on it?

Essay Topic 2

In the book, the evacuation of the civilians prior to that of the army is seen several times. Why was the evacuation of the civilians so critical?

Essay Topic 3

The German Military Police interrogated the soldiers that evacuated from the Dnieper pocket. Why did they assume soldiers were either coward or traitors? What effect did this kind of interrogation have on the troops? Was Germany the only country to try to find traitors in face of defeat? Use the text and historical facts to structure your answer.

Essay Topic 4

Sajer gives examples of battle where Germans were greatly outnumbered and yet prevailed. Was the German army really superior to the Russian army? What advantage did the Germans have that...

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