The Forgotten Soldier Character Descriptions

Guy Sajer
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Guy Sajer

This person was born in Paris, France and grew up speaking French even though his mother was German.


This person was described as a person who was physically large and strong, who lapsed into violent rages, but was for the most part cheerful and happy.

Bruno Lensen

This person was a proud Prussian who began his military career in a transportation unit and later volunteers for the infantry, proving exceptionally brave for his combat prowess, especially when he destroyed nine Russian tanks for which he was awarded an Iron Cross.

The Veteran, August Wiener

This person had a nearly infallible sense of self-preservation during combat, but eventually sacrificed himself by holding a machine gun in position while his fellow soldiers retreat.


This person was one of the first soldiers mentioned in the book and was not particularly brave, spending much of pre-combat time in...

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