The Forgotten Soldier Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Guy Sajer
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Author's Preface and Prologue

• The Author's Preface and Prologue focuses on Sajer's life and his training in the German Army.

• Sajer was born January 13, 1927.

• Sajer arrived at Chemnitz barracks on July 18, 1942.

• Sajer requested the air force, but failed the tests.
• Sajer was reassigned to an infantry unit.

• Sajer spent a few days in Warsaw and visited what was left of the ghetto.
• Sajer trained at a Polish castle and swam everyday in full gear.

• Sajer was assigned to the 19th company.
• Sajer trained at a shooting range with thousand of other recruits.

• He was the best driver of his platoon.
• Some German soldiers didn't like Alsatians.

• Sajer and the company were issued 8 days worth of rations and were sent to Russia.

Part One - Russia

• Part 1, Chapter 1 focuses on the author's unit traveling from Bialystok to Minsk, to Kiev to Kharkov.

• The soldiers suffer from cold temperatures.

• The...

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